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Data.Aeson.Types.object #65

drdo opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Daniel Oliveira Bas van Dijk
Daniel Oliveira

Just a minor thing, but would it be possible for object to have type
ToJSON a ⇒ [(Text, a)] → Value
instead of
[(Text, Value)] → Value

Thank you

Bas van Dijk

Note that the recommended way to use object is to combine it with (.=) as in:

toJSON x = object [ "field1" .= field1 x
                  , "field2" .= field2 x
                  , "field3" .= field3 x

This way you don't need an polymorphic object.

Daniel Oliveira

Oh, i had not noticed that (.=) existed. Thank you

Daniel Oliveira drdo closed this
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