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@@ -5,29 +5,6 @@ for generating high-quality pseudo-random numbers in a space- and
time-efficient way.
-# Performance
-This library has been carefully optimised for high performance. To
-obtain the best runtime efficiency, it is imperative to compile
-libraries and applications that use this library using a high level of
-Suggested GHC options:
- -O -fvia-C -funbox-strict-fields
-To illustrate, here are the times (in seconds) to generate and sum 250
-million random Word32 values, on a laptop with a 2.4GHz Core2 Duo
-P8600 processor, running Fedora 11 and GHC 6.10.3:
- no flags 200+
- -O 1.249
- -O -fvia-C 0.991
-As the numbers above suggest, compiling without optimisation will
-yield unacceptable performance.
# Get involved!
Please report bugs via the

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