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Shared 1. Why functional programming? Why Haskell? (DONE)
Shared 2. Getting started: compiler, interpreter, values, simple
functions, and types (DONE)
BOS 3. Syntax, type system basics, type class basics (DONE)
BOS 4. Even more syntax, type system basics, type class basics (DONE)
BOS/DONS 6. Write a real library: pretty printing JSON, Cabal (DONE)
JG 7. Typeclasses and their use (DONE)
JG 8. All about I/O (DONE)
BOS 9. Bringing it all together: file name matching and
regular expressions (DONE)
BOS 10. I/O case study: a DSL for searching the filesystem (DONE)
BOS 11. Handling binary files and formats (DONE)
DONS 12. Testing the Haskell way: QuickCheck (DONE)
BOS 13. Code case study: barcode recognition (DONE)
JG 14. Designing and using data structures (DONE)
BOS 15. Monads (DONE)
BOS 16. More about monads (DONE)
BOS 17. Monad transformers (DONE)
JG 18. Using parsec: (DONE)
BOS parsing JSON (DONE)
DONS 19. Interfacing with C: the FFI
DONS 20. Error handling (DONE)
JG 21. Haskell for systems programming (DONE)
JG 22. Talking to databases (DONE)
JG 23. Web client programming: client/server networking (DONE)
JG 24. GUI programming: gtk2hs (DONE)
JG/DONS 25. Basics of concurrent and parallel Haskell
DONS 26. Performance and efficiency: profiling
DONS 27. Advanced Haskell: MPTCs, TH, strong typing, GADTs
JG 28. Sockets, Syslog (DONE)
BOS 29. STM / JSON / server example
BOS APP A. Installation of GHC (DONE)
BOS APP B. Escapes (DONE)
JG APP C. Posix (??)