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A couple of additional notes on the outline.
IO: You have a chapter on talking to the outside world, which covers
databases, web programming, and GUI programming. But what about less
elaborate kinds of IO, like reading and writing files? Facilities for
writing data to files and for formatting data are crucial parts of
every language I've ever seen.
Somewhere in this chain of email, I think you mention something like
USB. If you can tell the reader how to deal with USB ports, serial
ports, and all that kind of gunk, you'd be doing a great service.
There's obviously tons of code that deals with physical devices. And
one of the ways in which "academic languages" are least satisfactory
is that they typically don't have libraries for dealing with devices.
If that's an area where you call out to C, I suppose that's better
than nothing. (You talk about bar code recognition, but bar codes all
come from somewhere. This implies that you can talk to bar code
scanners, which probably have serial or USB interfaces. But I see
that you say, "Read [the bar code data] from a file for now."
Concurrent programming: I just wanted to say that this is a really
important area. If you'd want to give it a couple of chapters rather
than just one, that would be a good idea.
On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> Hi, Mike -
> As promised, here's an approximation to a book proposal about
> programming in Haskell. It's quite skeletal, because even the skeleton
> of a book proposal is plenty of work, particularly with a teething kid
> and another book to put to bed. And a day job.
> Please have a read over what I've send and tell me if it's
> comprehensible. As I'm sure you'll see, even a not-especially-deep
> Haskell book looks pretty alien and highly technical compared to, say, a
> Ruby book.
> If there's more information, or a different presentation, needed before
> you can circulate this on O'Reilly's internal "does it smell right?"
> lists, let me know.
> Cheers,
> <b