TestType should offer choice between two-tailed, right-tail or left-tail test #58

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At the moment the TestType is

data TestType = OneTailed
              | TwoTailed

I think it makes more sense to be

data TestType = LeftTailed
              | RightTailed
              | TwoTailed

so that e.g. in a t-test you can specify H1 to be mu /= 0, mu < 0 or mu > 0.

The workaround at the moment is to supply OneTailed to the test, and G.map negate v over the input sample.


Yes, you're right on this one. However it's not only problem with current API for statistical tests (see #25 for example). It need big rewamping and I would rather do it in one go.

I'll try to summarize curent sate of statisticsal tests later.


Fixed in confidence branch.

@Shimuuar Shimuuar closed this Sep 10, 2014
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