Allow an invocation like "python -mstatprof -mmodule_name". #17

wants to merge 27 commits into

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This builds on top of @nvie's PR but uses runpy to allow running any module in the sys.path under statprof.


Any news?


I let myself merge your changes into

cc @nvie


Open to this, but it seems to have bitrotted. Closing for now.

@durin42 durin42 closed this Oct 9, 2015
zyv commented Jan 9, 2016

Sad that #16 and #17 got closed like this. Don't think anything bitrotted there in the commits. Too bad I don't use statprof anymore to justify making a clean PR myself...


@zyv Our fork is available on PyPI as statprof-smarkets if you ever need statprof with this feature.

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