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Floating point exception when using Doubles #5

Gabriel439 opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

Gabriel Gonzalez Stephen Paul Weber Dag Odenhall Bryan O'Sullivan
Gabriel Gonzalez

I get a Floating point exception panic whenever I pass a Double as a parameter to format:

Prelude> import Data.Text.Format as T -- This wires in text-format-
Prelude T> format "{}" (Only (1.0 :: Double))
"Floating point exception

This causes the ghci session or program to crash unrecoverably.

This also occurs even if the parameter is never used, such as in:

Prelude T> format "" (Only (1.0 :: Double))
"Floating point exception
Stephen Paul Weber

This also occurs for Float

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma referenced this issue in bos/double-conversion

Floating point exception #3

Dag Odenhall

I'm having this as well, on 32-bit Fedora.

Bryan O'Sullivan

Fixed in double-conversion, thanks.

Bryan O'Sullivan bos closed this
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