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-- | Search for a pattern in a file, find the number of occurences
-- Tested in this benchmark:
-- * Searching all occurences of a pattern using library routines
module Benchmarks.Search
( benchmark
) where
import Criterion (Benchmark, bench, bgroup, whnf)
import qualified Data.ByteString as B
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as BL
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Search as BL
import qualified Data.ByteString.Search as B
import qualified Data.Text as T
import qualified Data.Text.Encoding as T
import qualified Data.Text.IO as T
import qualified Data.Text.Lazy as TL
import qualified Data.Text.Lazy.IO as TL
benchmark :: FilePath -> T.Text -> IO Benchmark
benchmark fp needleT = do
b <- B.readFile fp
bl <- BL.readFile fp
t <- T.readFile fp
tl <- TL.readFile fp
return $ bgroup "FileIndices"
[ bench "ByteString" $ whnf (byteString needleB) b
, bench "LazyByteString" $ whnf (lazyByteString needleB) bl
, bench "Text" $ whnf (text needleT) t
, bench "LazyText" $ whnf (lazyText needleTL) tl
needleB = T.encodeUtf8 needleT
needleTL = TL.fromChunks [needleT]
byteString :: B.ByteString -> B.ByteString -> Int
byteString needle = length . B.indices needle
lazyByteString :: B.ByteString -> BL.ByteString -> Int
lazyByteString needle = length . BL.indices needle
text :: T.Text -> T.Text -> Int
text = T.count
lazyText :: TL.Text -> TL.Text -> Int
lazyText needle = fromIntegral . TL.count needle
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