Sample scripts for the Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset
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Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset

This repository contains some scripts to get started with the Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset (BSTLD). Contributions are very welcome. Simply create a pull request.


The dataset can be downloaded here. A preview of the dataset is available on YouTube by clicking on the image.

BSTLD Preview

Instructions on how to unzip *.zip.00X files can, for example, be found at Update label files are in the label_files folder.

To convert Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset Annotations to Pascal VOC Format

 python input_yaml out_folder

Sample Detections

A sample detection based on an adapted Yolo v1 model run on crops can be viewed at Sample Detector View]


In case of publication based on this dataset, please cite
  title={A deep learning approach to traffic lights: Detection, tracking, and classification},
  author={Behrendt, Karsten and Novak, Libor and Botros, Rami},
  booktitle={Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017 IEEE International Conference on},