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Bosch MEMS Sensors

Bosch automotive sensors

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  1. SMI130-Sensor-API SMI130-Sensor-API Public

    Bosch MEMS SMI130 sensor driver

    C 10 6

  2. SMI230-Android-HAL SMI230-Android-HAL Public

    SMI230 sensor android hal

    C++ 9 1

  3. SMI230-Linux-Driver SMI230-Linux-Driver Public

    SMI230 linux driver

    C 8 4

  4. SMI230-Linux-Driver-IIO SMI230-Linux-Driver-IIO Public

    SMI230 IIO Linux Driver

    C 5

  5. SMI230-Sensor-Config SMI230-Sensor-Config Public

    Bosch MEMS SMI230 sensor config

    4 1

  6. SMA13x-Sensor-API SMA13x-Sensor-API Public

    Bosch MEMS SMA13x sensor driver

    C 2 1


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