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BMI160 Sensor API

Sensor overview

The small, low power BMI160 is a low noise 16-bit IMU designed for mobile applications such as AR or indoor navigation, providing highly accurate sensor data and real-time sensor data. The low current consumption of BMI160 enables always-on applications in battery-driven devices. This sensor features a configurable on-chip interrupt engine which provides motion-based gesture recognition and context awareness as always-on background functions.

Target Application

  • Augmented reality and immersive gaming
  • Indoor navigation
  • 3D-scanning / indoor mapping
  • Advanced gesture recognition
  • Immersive gaming
  • 9-axis motion detection
  • Air mouse applications and pointers
  • Pedometer / step counting
  • Advanced system power management for mobile applications
  • Optical image stabilization of camera modules
  • Free-fall detection and warranty logging


  • Any-motion detection (accelerometer)
  • Significant motion detection (accelerometer)
  • Step detector (accelerometer)
  • Tap sensing (accelerometer)
  • Orientation recognition (accelerometer)
  • Flat detection (accelerometer)
  • Low-G / Free-fall detection (accelerometer)
  • High-G detection (accelerometer)
  • Slow-motion alert / No-motion interrupt (accelerometer)
  • Data ready detection (accelerometer, gyroscope and external sensors)
  • PMU trigger (gyroscope)
  • FIFO interrupts ((accelerometer, gyroscope and external sensors)

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