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inmembrane changelog

v0.94 (27-Sep-2013)

  • Fixed LipoP and TMHMM web scrapers due to server side changes.
  • TMB-HUNT plugin deprecated - server appears to be permanently offline
  • Added result_poll_retries option to signalp_web, so test fails fast if job is stuck in PENDING state
  • Made 'requests' v2.0.0 the lowest version for new installs
  • Made default inmembrane.config use SOAP web services (*_web), included commented _scrape_web options in file.

v0.93.2 (03-Dec-2012)

  • Bugfixes to tmhmm_scrape_web and lipop_scrape_web plugins
  • Handle Python 2.6 when OrderedDict is absent.

v0.93 (03-Dec-2012)

  • Added --version flag
  • Report PSE loop length in gram_pos protocol
  • Added tmhmm_scrape_web and lipop_scrape_web plugins (as default since CBS SOAP service seems currently broken)
  • Added safe_seqid to be used by programs that munge or fail on seqids with funky punctuation

v0.92 (22-Oct-2012)

  • Started CHANGELOG.