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New release packaging checklist:

  • Always use a clean checkout, otherwise may pick up files not tracked by git that you don't actually want to distribute.

  • Make sure CHANGELOG is updated with major changes since the last release (look through the commit history)

  • Update version in inmembrane/

  • git commit -a

  • Create a new tag for the release: git tag inmembrane-0.xx git push --tags git push

  • Run:

    • python sdist
    • sudo pip uninstall inmembrane sudo pip install dist/inmembrane-.tar.gz
    • Test the installed version: inmembrane_scan --test
    • python register
  • Push a new version to PyPi:

    • python sdist upload
  • Switch to the the gh-pages branch: git checkout gh-pages

  • Update the pypi download link in index.html.wrap. Regenerate HTML docs with: python *html.wrap

  • Commit and push the changes. git commit -a; git push