Ruby port of Meetup's official Python API client
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= Meetup API

== Developers
* {Bosco So}[] <rubymeetup _AT_ boscoso _DOT_ com>

== Description
Meetup API is a port of the official Python client released by Meetup
for their API. This port provides an object based API to query or
update Meetup data via pure Ruby.  It hides the ugly HTTP/REST calls
from your code.

The Meetup Python API client can be found at

== External Dependencies
* Ruby (tested with 1.8.6)
* net/http
* json (tested with versions: 1.1.3)

== Usage Examples
Start by creating an instance of the Meetup object with your API key
as the constructor argument. You can get your API key at

mu = 'your_api_key'

Then, you can query the API directly by using one of the following

mu.get_events HASH_PARAMS
mu.get_rsvps HASH_PARAMS

Call the method using keyword args containing the parameters of the
query (identical to parameters described on the main documentation
page - For example, find all
the events around zip 94108:

local_events = mu.get_events :zip => 94108

Another example, find the event with id 9348580 (the results method
still returns an array, but it only has 1 element):

ruby_events = mu.get_events :id => 9348580

The returned value will be an object of type
MeetupApi::ApiResponse. This object's property meta is a Hash
containing all the metadata from the query results. The property
results is an Array containing objects of type MeetupApi::Event or
MeetupApi::Rsvp (depending which MeetupApi::Client method was
used). These objects support additional methods that will make API
calls to get more information (taking the MeetupApi::Client object as
an argument to make the request). For example, take the ruby event
from above and retrieve its RSVP list:

first_event = ruby_events.results.first
rsvps = first_event.get_rsvps mu

Of course, if you just wanted to only get the RSVP's, you can simply
call MeetupApi::Client#get_rsvps directly:

rsvps = mu.get_rsvps :event_id => 9348580

== To Do
* Currently, only MeetupApi::Client#get_events and get_rsvps are
  implemented; so, finish the other client methods.
* Implement OAuth