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🗳Referendum platform for BOSCore
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BOS Ecosystem Program (Referendum & WPS)


1. Background

This proposal is a BOS development incentive program proposed by the founding core teams of BOS. The goal is to continue to support the development of core protocol and the expansion of the entire EOSIO ecosystem. BOSCore will set up an environmental fund of 100 million BOS for infrastructure construction, protocol standard setting, code optimization, and ecological partner incentives, etc. Other EOSIO eco-contributors can also apply for fund support, and multi-chain can achieve greater prosperity together. After this proposal is approved, BOSCore will deposit 100 million BOS into a designated account, which will be managed by BPs and used according to community referendum.

2. BOS Executive Team


3. Program Goals

  • Attracting and incentivizing developers or teams
  • Letting more communities get involved
  • Accelerating the evolution of EOSIO technology
  • Prospering the EOSIO Ecosystem

More Details:

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