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Zephyr OS : Fancier-Blinky Project for STM32F3 Discovery board

This is a derived project from the original basic-blinky for Zephyr OS. It helps to understand the various constituents of a typical Application Development workflow for Zephyr.

In this project we are trying to also fix the flashing issue for STM32F3 Discovery Board with PCB Revision C and above.

We are using the STM32F3 Discovery board as a target for this project.

STM32F3 Discovery board running Zephyr OS with fancier blinky

The goal of this project is:

  1. Initialize all the 8 LEDs on STM32F3 Discovery board
  2. Display a rotating pattern using the LEDs
  3. Be able to flash the code using west instead of the large openocd commands.

More on how to create this project:

Further Reading

There is a complete set of tutorials to help you get started on Zephyr OS :

Add-on Project Scripts

Added here are two scripts for Zephyr SDK:

  1. init-project = This script can be used to generate the project files needed for Eclipse CDT and generate the ninja aided build system. This is designed so that we can use west to build the project for Zephyr OS as well as do the same from Eclipse CDT IDE.

  2. build-flash = This can be use after the init-project to automatically build and then flash the code into the microcontroller.


Copyright (c) 2020 Abhijit Bose

SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

All the files in this repository conform to Apache License, Version 2.0 unless otherwise specified.