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Zyzzyva is free software, released under the GNU General Public License.
Please see COPYING and LICENSE for details.  Zyzzyva is written by Michael W
Thelen <mthelen@gmail.com>.

The Zyzzyva home page is http://zyzzyva.net/, and the latest version can
always be found there.  Zyzzyva also has a user mailing list, which you can
join at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zyzzyva-users/.

If you are building Zyzzyva from source code, you will need the Qt4 library,
available from http://www.trolltech.com/download/opensource.html.

After Qt4 is installed, the following steps should be sufficient to
build Zyzzyva:


On Mac OS X, instead of running qmake and make directly, you should run
installer/create-macx-bundle.sh instead.  This will create an executable
bundle under installer/macosx.

Please email Michael Thelen with questions, comments, patches, or large cash
donations.  Happy hacking!