Fork of VASFMC, the plan is to make it a destilled version of VASFMC especially suitable for X-Plane users.
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This project is a fork from the well-known FMC for MSFS/X-Plane vasfmc. The objectives of this project are:

  • A destilled version of VasFMC, with only the goal of working in X-Plane.
  • Assisting more than overtaking control.
  • Only be a CDU and nothing else.


  • Tested with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express and Qt SDK 1.2.1. Can be done by simply open the project files in Qt Creator and building, first vaslib, then vasfmc and then xpfmcconn21.


vasfmc is distributed under GNU GPL version 2. See LICENSE.txt for details. Few files are not GPL, however redistribution has been granted. Please take notice of that when/if editing.

Known bugs / TODO

  • LNAV can cause flight reset (i.e. the plane is back at the runway). This will be fixed very soon.
  • It is not possible to turn heading steering of, but will be fixed really soon.
  • VNAV handling is not yet implemented.
  • Fuel calculation is not present.
  • VASFMC console is still there, we will get rid of it.
  • Get rid of debug information.


Past developers of VasFMC:

  • Alex Wemmer,
  • Philipp Münzel for the X-Plane plugin,
  • the VAS project team.

Current maintainer of the Code:

This is a spare-time project for me, which means that i am only dedicating a few hours per week for this project, so don't expect miracles.