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Running commands in Docker container within Emacs buffer
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Running various CLI in Docker within Emacs buffer


The best way to install it is from MELPA

M-x package-install [RET] docker-cli [RET]

Manually package can be installed by putting docker-cli.el somewhere on the load path and requiring it in init.el

(require 'docker-cli)


If you need to add new commands to execute in Docker containers just add new element to the docker-cli-commands-alist list. For details view documentation for the list. In short you will have to define command that will be executed. If command needs additional parameters they can be composed through :arguments-compose-func part of list element and regular expression for comint prompt handling (view comint mode for details).

(defun railsc-arguments () '("exec" "rails" "c"))

;; This part was taken from inf-ruby
(defconst inf-ruby-prompt-format
    '("\\(^%s> *\\)"                      ; Simple
      "\\(^(rdb:1) *\\)"                  ; Debugger
      "\\(^(byebug) *\\)"                 ; byebug
      "\\(^\\(irb([^)]+)"                 ; IRB default
      "\\([[0-9]+] \\)?[Pp]ry ?([^)]+)"   ; Pry
      "\\(jruby-\\|JRUBY-\\)?[1-9]\\.[0-9]\\(\\.[0-9]+\\)*\\(-?p?[0-9]+\\)?" ; RVM
      "^rbx-head\\)")                     ; RVM continued
   ;; Statement and nesting counters, common to the last four.
   " ?[0-9:]* ?%s *\\)")
  "Format string for the prompt regexp pattern.
Two placeholders: first char in the Simple prompt, and the last
graphical char in all other prompts.")

(setq docker-cli-commands-alist
      (append docker-cli-commands-alist '((rails-console
                                           :command "./bin/rails"
                                           :arguments-compose-func railsc-arguments
                                           :prompt-regexp (format inf-ruby-prompt-format "[?>]" "[\]>*\"'/`]")
                                           :prompt-cont-regexp (format inf-ruby-prompt-format "[?>]" "[\]>*\"'/`]")))))
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