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Can't resolve bundler dependencies with Rails 3.2.8 out of the box #10

mskraddoc opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Yes it definitely is. Can you try with: If everything is OK I will release new version.


Thanks bosko.
bundle install now succeeds.

when I invoke:
bundle exec rmre -a mysql -d my_db -u my_user -p my_pass -o .

The error:
"Could not find gem 'mysql (>= 0) ruby' in the gems available on this machine.
Run bundle install to install missing gems."

... is thrown.

I do have the mysql2 gem installed. Looking into the process of backwards installing the older mysql gem seems more than a little problematic and I worry some aspect of building and using the necessary native libraries will conflict with mysql2. Is this also a situation where upgrading the dependencies to use mysql2 is appropriate?


Great! I'll release new version soon. Regarding new problem you used old mysql gem when you invoked rare (-a mysql). You do not have to use old mysql gem just tell rmre to use mysql2 (notice change after -a option):

bundle exec rmre -a mysql2 -d my_db -u my_user -p my_pass -o .
@bosko bosko closed this

Yes. using:

bundle exec rmre -a mysql2 -d my_db -u my_user -p my_pass -o .

generated a set of models :-)

Thanks so much !



I'm glad I was able to help. Cheers!

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