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package common
import "fmt"
type CheckerStop interface {
Error() string
Checker() Checker
type CheckerErrorStop struct {
checker Checker
message string
func NewCheckerErrorStop(checker Checker, message string) CheckerErrorStop {
return CheckerErrorStop{
checker: checker,
message: message,
func (c CheckerErrorStop) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("stop checker and return: %s", c.message)
func (c CheckerErrorStop) Checker() Checker {
return c.checker
type Checker interface {
GetFuncs() []CheckerFunc
type CheckerDeferFunc func(int, Checker, error)
var DefaultDeferFunc CheckerDeferFunc = func(int, Checker, error) {}
type CheckerFunc func(Checker, ...interface{}) error
type DefaultChecker struct {
Funcs []CheckerFunc
func (c *DefaultChecker) GetFuncs() []CheckerFunc {
return c.Funcs
func RunChecker(checker Checker, deferFunc CheckerDeferFunc, args ...interface{}) error {
if deferFunc == nil {
deferFunc = DefaultDeferFunc
var err error
for i, f := range checker.GetFuncs() {
if err = f(checker, args...); err != nil {
deferFunc(i, checker, err)
return err
deferFunc(i, checker, err)
return nil
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