@Ortham Ortham released this May 6, 2014 · 326 commits to master since this release

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Choose from the automated installer, or the manual install archive. The manual install requires 7-zip to extract the archive.

Changes since v2.2:

  • Fixed: Ampersands now display correctly in the user rules editor's rule list.
  • Changed: The BOSS Log's plugin submitter now sends submissions to issue trackers hosted on GitHub, rather than a Bugzilla tracker hosted on Dark Creations.
  • Removed: Support checks for visual effects in the BOSS Log.
  • Removed: The UTF8-CPP library as a build dependency.
  • Removed: The MSVC 2013 Redistributable requirement, due to many reports from users encountering a variety of issues with it.

The original archive and installer packages were missing a few files, causing BOSS Logs to be blank. Fixed packages were uploaded at 2014-05-06 23:42 GMT.