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predefined eclipse launch configs and lazy activation for service-bundle #1

merged 3 commits into from Dec 20, 2012

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jsievers added some commits Dec 20, 2012
@jsievers jsievers Add .gitignore ad0ccc4
@jsievers jsievers Enable lazy activation for service-bundle
this will activate the bundle if one of
its classes is loaded.
@jsievers jsievers Add predefined launch configs for OSGi and JUnit
Add predefined launch configs with minimal
number of bundles for:

1. launching OSGi framework with consumer bundle
2. Running JUnit tests in service-bundle-tests

These launch configs should automatically show up
in eclipse after importing the projects.

The trick how the launch configs were minimized:

1. Deselect all workspace and target platform bundles
2. Uncheck "Include optional deps when computing
   required plug-ins"
3. Only select workspace plugins of direct relevance
   and bundles only implicitly required
   (not in this example, but e.g. o.e.equinox.ds)
4. Push "Add Required Plugins"

For tests there is one additional step 3a:
select bundle org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime
(this is the implicitly required PDE Junit test harness)

To check if dependencies are OK, use "Validate Plug-ins".
@bosschaert bosschaert merged commit b94e25a into bosschaert:master Dec 20, 2012

Thanks Jan!

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