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Building Open Science Services on European E-Infrastructure (BOSSEE)

BOSSEE is a proposal that was submitted on January 29th to the H2020 European E-Infrastructure call INFRAEOSC-02-2019.

Its mission is to promote Open Science (Open Source, Open Publications, Open Data, and Open Proposal) by supporting the Jupyter ecosystem, deploying generic Jupyter based services (binder federation and more), integrating them tightly in the European Open Science Cloud, and demonstrating their value through applications in astronomy, education, fluid dynamics, geosciences, health sciences, mathematics, and photon science.

The project was seeded as a follow-up to OpenDreamKit (see the brainstorm notes), and grown organically in the same open spirit. The proposers include core Jupyter developers (lead: Benjamin Ragan-Kelley) and long time Jupyter activists from many disciplines, in France, Germany, Poland, Norway, and Switzerland.

Work Plan


If accepted (notifications around June) the project will start around September 2019, and will open about 11 postdoc or research software engineer positions in our various institutions.

Stay tuned

Notes for authors

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