Upcoming Meetup Ideas for the Boston Clojure Group
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Upcoming Meetup Ideas for the Boston Clojure Group.

Suggestions and discussions:

Ideas from April 14, 2016 Meetup

  • core.async
  • React Landscape 2016: reagent, quiescent, rum, interop, om/next
  • Logic Programming: core.logic, datalog, etc.
  • Security
  • Mobile: react native
  • Types and Contracts: core.typed, plumatic/schema, :pre/:post, bmarick/structural-typing
  • Testing: test.check, simulant, expectations, midje
  • Distributed Computation & Stream Processing: Storm, Spark w/flambo, Hadoop w/Cascalog
  • DB-related: Datomic dojo, Schema Evolution, Migrations, Migrations between SQL and NoSQL

Ideas from May 14, 2015 Meetup

  • Barriers to Adoption
  • open mic
  • plumatic/graph
  • Production Concerns
  • Concurrency
  • Deployment
  • Caching: memoize, Redis
  • ClojureScript: introduction
  • Clojure internals: patch issues in public projects
  • Pixie: lightweight Clojure-like lisp interpreter
  • Collaborative, Real World Problem-Solving: newsletter subscription


  • Livecoding in Gorilla Repl: (literate coding / data visualization)
  • Livecoding with Overtone: generate music via functional composition
  • Hello World Web App: with or without frameworks like Luminus, Pedestal, or Caribu
    • maybe break into groups for different frameworks.
  • core library demos: core.logic, core.async, core.matrix
  • DSLs: Make a mini language with Instaparse
  • Web Scraping