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Upcoming meetup ideas for the Boston Clojure Group
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Planning for upccoming meetups for the Boston Clojure Group. Suggestions and discussions are at our mailing list.

April 2014 - Clojure Code Golf

Go through 4clojure problems together as a group.

May 2014 - Talks from Clojurians in the field

Speakers from industry talk about using Clojure in production.

June 2014 - Clojure dev environments showcase

  • Emacs / Emacs-Live
  • Vim
  • Eclipse
  • LightTable
  • Sublime Text
  • Cursive (built on Intellij)
  • Other (if interest) such as Clooj, Nightcode, Catnip

Future Ideas Backlog - need volunteers

  • Livecode in Gorilla Repl (literate coding / data visualization)
  • Livecode in Overtone (generate music via functional composition)
  • Hello World Web App - with or without frameworks like Luminus, Pedestal, or Caribu
    • maybe break into groups for different frameworks.
  • ClojureScript bootstrap
  • Om intro/tutorial
  • Core library demos, e.g. core.logic, core.async, core.matrix
  • Make a mini language with Instaparse
  • Datomic overview
  • Web Scraping with Clojure

Additional Meetup Topic Ideas - from May 14, 2015 Meetup

  • barriers to adoption
  • test.check
  • core.typed
  • open mic day
  • Prismatic Graph and Schema
  • production concerns
  • concurrency
  • deployment
  • memoize
  • ClojureScript
  • solve real problems together (newsletter subscription)
  • Clojure internals (patch issues in public projects)
  • Pixie (lightweight Clojure interpreter)
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