A DatePreference, analogous to EditTextPreference or ListPreference


In Eclipse with your project open:

  1. In the Package Explorer right click on your project and select "Properties".
  2. Select "Java Build Path" -> "Libraries".
  3. "Add External JARs..." then select the DatePreference.jar file.

In your activity that descends from PreferenceActivity:

  import org.bostonandroid.datepreference.DatePreference;
In your preference XML:

     android:key="dob" android:title="@string/dob"
     android:defaultValue="1991.01.01" />

To quickly get the Date selected for "dob", in your PreferenceActivity:


To set the date use .setDate(String).

To make the JAR:

With just the DatePreference source code loaded in Eclipse:

  In the Package Explorer right click on the "default.jardesc" file and select "Create JAR"