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In Eclipse with your project open:
1. In the Package Explorer right click on your project and select "Properties".
2. Select "Java Build Path" -> "Libraries".
3. "Add External JARs..." then select the TimePreference.jar file.
In your activity that descends from PreferenceActivity:
import org.bostonandroid.timepreference.TimePreference;
In your preference XML:
android:key="alert_at" android:title="@string/alert_at"
android:defaultValue="14:01" />
To quickly get the Time selected for "alert_at", in your PreferenceActivity:
To set the time use .setTime(String).
To make the JAR:
With just the TimePreference source code loaded in Eclipse:
In the Package Explorer right click on the "default.jardesc" file and select "Create JAR"