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Boston.rb is a user group in Boston organized around the Ruby programming language.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Meetings are about two hours long and there are usually two speakers who give presentations. Often there are raffles for technical books, discounts to conferences, job announcements, etc.

We have an active email list with over 500 members. There is an active #boston.rb IRC channel on freenode that usually has about a dozen people in it at any given time.


  • Events: upcoming events of interest to Boston Rubyists
  • Learning: books, screencasts, podcasts, training, mentoring
  • People: the fine folk who make up this community
  • Places: great coffee shops to code at, offices of Ruby companies, etc.
  • Work: jobs, contract work, people for hire
  • Blogs: Boston blogs covering Ruby topics