Chris Houhoulis

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I'm employed as a Rails engineer at RBM Technologies, in Kendall Square. It's a great environment for increasing your Ruby skills, and for getting to use your full potential & unique strengths to help your coworkers. We have about a dozen Rails engineers, and are hiring.

(Get in touch -- we're hiring for a couple different roles, from junior to senior developer.)

Besides Ruby and Rails, I like Rack, HTML5 / jQuery*, MiniTest, improving app performance, and clean code branches.

In addition, I enjoy

I have a bachelor's degree in Theoretical Computer Science (18c) from M.I.T. After several years of working as a computer programmer, I worked in human services for several years. I completed one year of a Masters in Social Work program and worked for the Boston Dept. of Public Health.

In 2007, I returned to technical work by starting my own IT support company. I started learning Ruby on Rails in my spare time, in late 2008. I've been working full-time on Ruby on Rails projects since 2010.

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