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Amazingly, it's possible to make a living writing Ruby code. Many Companies locally prove it every day.

On Posting Job Openings To The Mailing List

So you'd like to post a job to the mailing list? Outstanding! There are four simple guidelines for doing so that have emerged through discussion on the list.

  1. Start the subject line of your e-mail with "[JOB]". That way, those who are looking for work can see job postings at a glance, while those who are not can filter them out.

  2. Make sure the job involves Ruby and the Boston area (or is fully remote). This really should go without saying: the group is called "Boston Ruby," which you wouldn't think leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Even so, we've gotten postings for, e.g., administering Solaris boxes in Florida. How far does the "Boston area" go? That's open to interpretation, especially considering that list members live all throughout the area. Use your best judgment, or consider allowing full-time telecommuting.

  3. Explain what makes your opening interesting. The job market for Rails currently is overwhelmingly in the workers' favor. A competent Rails programmer can usually take their pick of several opportunities. What makes yours stand out?

  4. Don't flood the list. If you don't get applications right away, don't immediately re-post. If you've got a lot of openings, don't post them continually: post a digest of several openings less frequently.

Seeking Developers and Designers

  • Contracts: people and organizations seeking to hire Boston Rubyists on a contract basis
  • Jobs: open Ruby positions at Boston companies

Available For Hire

Job Announcements At The Monthly Meeting

At the monthly meeting there is always room for job announcements at the end. (usually around 9pm) Afterwards most people go out for drinks and this is a great opportunity to network.

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