Automatic DNS updater for Cloudflare written in NodeJS.
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Automatic DNS updater for Cloudflare written in NodeJS. This simple script updates the DNS records of your Cloudflare Domains every now and then. It can be used with multiple domains.


Update updater.js and add your Cloudflare API key and email. Then you can either add your zones and the corresponding dns_record ids directly to the given array or set listZones to true, to list all available zones and their dns records.


var auth_key = "YOUR_API_KEY";
var email = "YOUR_EMAIL";
var checkDuration = 5; // In minutes
var listZones = false; // Get zones and their dns record ids

var ids = [{
    "zone": "YOUR_ZONE_ID",
    "id": "YOUR_DNS_RECORD_ID"
}, {
    "zone": "YOUR_ZONE_ID",
    "id": "YOUR_DNS_RECORD_ID"
}, {
    "zone": "YOUR_ZONE_ID",
    "id": "YOUR_DNS_RECORD_ID"
}, ];

Then if you want/have it you can add it to autostart. Edit the dnsupdater.service to contain both your directory path and the path of updater.js. Now just enable autostart:

sudo systemctl enable dnsupdater.service

Start it:

sudo systemctl start dnsupdater.service

And check whether it through any errors:

sudo systemctl status dnsupdater.service

Cloudflare API

This uses the Cloudflare API v4 to change DNS settings for multiple domains.


You are welcome to contribute with pull requests, bug reports, ideas and donations. Join the forum if you have any general purpose questions:

Bitcoin: 1ECPWeTCq93F68BmgYjUgGSV11XuzSPSeM


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