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Name: pure-cdb
Version: 0.1.2
License: BSD3
License-File: COPYING
Category: Database
Synopsis: Another pure-haskell CDB (Constant Database) implementation
A library for reading and writing CDB (Constant Database) files.
CDB files are immutable key-value stores, designed for extremely fast and memory-efficient
construction and lookup. They can be as large as 4GB, and at no point in their construction
or use must all data be loaded into memory. CDB files can contain multiple values for a
given key.
For more information on the CDB file format, please see: <>
Please note, that there is another pure Haskell CDB library on Hackage:
<>, using memory mapped bytestrings for IO.
It served as an inspiration for this package.
Cabal-Version: >= 1.10
Build-Type: Simple
Author: Boris Sukholitko <>
Copyright: Boris Sukholitko <>
Maintainer: Boris Sukholitko <>
Stability: Experimental
Source-Repository head
Type: git
GHC-Options: -Wall
Build-Depends: base (< 5), vector, binary, bytestring, containers, mtl, directory
Default-Language: Haskell2010
exposed-modules: Database.PureCDB, Database.PureCDB.Internal
test-suite Test
type: exitcode-stdio-1.0
build-depends: base, test-simple, pure-cdb, vector, mtl, bytestring, containers, Unixutils
ghc-options: -Wall
hs-source-dirs: t
main-is: Test.hs
Default-Language: Haskell2010