Time Series Alerting Framework
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Bosun is a time series alerting framework developed by Stack Exchange. Scollector is a metric collection agent. Learn more at bosun.org.

Build Status


To build bosun and scollector, clone to $GOPATH/src/bosun.org:

$ go get bosun.org/cmd/bosun

bosun and scollector are found under the cmd directory. Run go build in the corresponding directories to build each project.



  • npm install typescript -g to be able to compile the ts files to js files.
  • go get github.com/mjibson/esc to embed the static files. Run go generate in cmd/bosun when new static assets (like JS and CSS files) are added or changed.

The w.sh script will automatically build and run bosun in a loop. It will update itself when go/js/ts files change, and it runs in read-only mode, not sending any alerts.

$ cd cmd/bosun
$ ./w.sh

Go Version:

  • We generally upgrade to the latest version Go within a day or two. So consider the correct version of Go always to be the latest stable release.