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Contributing to bosun and scollector

Bosun and scollector are open source projects. We appreciate your help.

Contributing code

Use GitHub pull requests to submit code. General submission guidelines:

  1. Use gofmt -s -w and go vet See build/ for the full list of validation checks that will be run by Travis CI on each commit.
  2. If using new third party packages, install party (go get and run party in the root directory ($GOPATH/src/ to vendor them and rewrite import paths.
  3. Squash all non-_third_party commits into one. _third_party changes should be squashed down separately and precede any code changes which require them. This may be done as the final step before merging.
  4. The commit message should indicate what folder is being changed (example: cmd/scollector: new xyz collector or docs: fix typo in window function)
  5. Documentation changes should be made in the same branch as code changes using the docs folder. After the PR is approved we will use the build/docs/publish.go script to publish the changes to the gh-pages branch. Please don't submit changes directly to the gh-pages branch, always use the docs folder.

Unless otherwise noted, the source files are distributed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE file.

Style Guidelines

We use the golang Go Code Review Comments document as the basis for our style. Take particular note of Error Strings, Mixed Caps, and Indent Error Flow sections. Also we don't have blank lines within functions.

bosun submission guidelines

  1. If changing HTML, JS, or other static content, install esc (go get, then run go generate in cmd/bosun.
  2. typescript is required if changing JS files. Invoke bosun with -w to watch for .ts changes and automatically run typescript.

scollector submission guidelines

  1. New scollector collectors must have units, types, and descriptions for all new metrics. Descriptions should not be in the Add() line, but in another data structure or constant. See keepalive collectors for the constants, and the memcached for good patterns.