cmd/scollector: negative -f filters and total_time metric for httpunit collector #1630

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gbrayut commented Mar 1, 2016

Updated version of #1263 rebased on current master and with more documentation

anderejd and others added some commits Aug 19, 2015
@anderejd @gbrayut anderejd Scollector features: "-" patterns, httpunit time_total + Freq setting.
Negative filter patterns ("-" prefix),
Added time_total metric to httpunit collector,
Freq setting for HTTPUnit collectors.
@gbrayut gbrayut cmd/scollector: sort constants in collectors.go to try and prevent me…
…rge conflicts
@gbrayut gbrayut cmd/scollector: Use * in -f to include all non-excluded collectors
also add a log message when metrics are being filtered since I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my -p and -f tests were not working

closes #1263
@gbrayut gbrayut added the scollector label Mar 1, 2016
@captncraig captncraig was assigned by gbrayut Mar 1, 2016
@captncraig captncraig commented on an outdated diff Mar 1, 2016
return nil
-func HTTPUnitPlans(name string, plans *httpunit.Plans) {
+func HTTPUnitPlans(name string, plans *httpunit.Plans, freq time.Duration) {
+ if freq < time.Second {
captncraig Mar 1, 2016 Contributor

this seems a bit odd to me. If they didn't set it, and it was zero, I would understand. But if they set 15 expecting it to be seconds or minutes or who knows what, 5 mins is an odd default. Maybe error with a helpful message?

@captncraig captncraig commented on an outdated diff Mar 1, 2016
@@ -124,11 +125,12 @@ func main() {
for _, h := range conf.HTTPUnit {
+ freq := time.Second * time.Duration(h.Freq)
captncraig Mar 1, 2016 Contributor

We use time.ParseDuration in some places, but apparently not others. Is a number really better than a duration string if you have to look up the docs to know it is seconds?


Other than craig being confused about timings, it looks good to me.

gbrayut commented Mar 1, 2016

@captncraig I changed it to use a duration string... will be clearer in the config files

@gbrayut gbrayut merged commit 51a6929 into master Mar 2, 2016
@gbrayut gbrayut deleted the rajder branch Mar 2, 2016
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