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Joomla Rave Payment Forms

  • Contributors: bosunolanrewaju
  • Tags: rave, payment form, payment gateway, bank account, credit card, debit card, nigeria, kenya, international, mastercard, visa, joomla
  • Requires at least: Joomla 2.5
  • Tested on: Joomla 3 (3.6.5)
  • Stable tag: 0.1.0
  • License: GNU GPLv2

Take donations and payments for services on your Joomla site using Rave Checkout.


Accept Credit card, Debit card and Bank account payment directly on your Joomla site with the Rave payment gateway.

Take donations and payments easily and directly on your site

Rave is available in:Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya. Signup for an account here


  • Download the extension zip file to your computer.
  • Login to your Administrator Dashboard.
  • Click on "Extensions > Manage > Install" from the top menu.
  • Click on the "Upload Package File" tab, then click "Choose File" to select the zip file you downloaded. Click "Upload and Install" to start the installation.

This installs a Rave Payments Forms Component and a Rave Payments Forms Module to your Joomla website. The Component lets you set global configuration and provides a page that lists all transactions made through Rave Checkout. And you create forms with the module.


Click on Components > Rave Payments Forms from the top menu. Then select the Options button at the top left of the page.

Configuration button

On the Rave Payments Configuration Page:

Configuration page

  • Public Key - (Required) Your Rave Checkout public key which can be retrieved from "Rave Checkout" page on your Rave account dashboard.
  • Secret Key - (Required) Your Rave Checkout secret key which can be retrieved from "Rave Checkout" page on your Rave account dashboard.
  • Secret Key - (Optional) Choose to use the live account when you are ready to go live (Must be set to Yes for Production). Default: NO.
  • Modal Title - (Optional) Customize the title of the Pay Modal. Default is RAVE CHECKOUT.
  • Modal Description - (Optional) Customize the description on the Pay Modal. Default is RAVE CHECKOUT MODAL.
  • Modal Logo - (Optional) Customize the logo on the Pay Modal. Upload logo to media and select. Default is Rave logo.
  • Success Redirect URL - (Optional) The URL the user should be redirected to after a successful payment. Enter a full url (with 'http'). Default: "".
  • Failed Redirect URL - (Optional) The URL the user should be redirected to after a failed payment. Enter a full url (with 'http'). Default: "".
  • Charge Currency - (Optional) The currency the user is charged. Default: "NGN".
  • Charge Country - (Optional) The country the merchant is serving. Default: "NG: Nigeria".
  • Disable module style - (Optional) Disables styles from the module and uses template's style instead.
  • Click Save & Close to save your settings.


You can enable activated template's style to override form's default style from the Component Configuration page. Or you can override the form class .flw-simple-pay-now-form in your stylesheet.


Article page

Click on Extensions > Modules from the top menu. From the list of created module instances, an unpublished form was created from the installation. This can be used or you can create another form by clicking the green New button at the top left of the page and selecting Rave Payment Forms from the list of module types.

  • Title - (Required) The title of the form you want create. The title can be hidden from the view by clicking hide button on the "Show Title" option on the right of the page.
  • Module tab contains form specific configuration:
    • Amount The amount to charge the customer (if left blank, customer will be asked to enter amount).
    • Use logged in user email Use logged-in user's email as customer email (If set to 'No', customer will be asked to enter email).
    • Button Text - (Optional) The text to display on the form button. Default: "PAY NOW".
    • Other options (on the right):
      • Position Set the position (place) to display the form on your site. This is dependent on the current template position. But, the module provides an extra position named Rave In-Article and can be selected from the list. This lets you display the form on an article page (more below). Also, you can set (enter) a custom position.
      • Status The status of the form. Set to Published to have the form available for display.
  • Menu Assignment tab lets you select the page(s) that will have access to the form. "No pages" means the form won't be available. Recommended is "On all pages". You can use "Only on the pages selected" to restrict the form to certain pages (pages need to exist).
  • Click Save & Close to create (or save) the form.

Display form in article body

To display the form within the article body, make sure you set the position for the form to Rave In-Article when creating the form (Module settings). This is a position provided by default by the module to avoid conflicts with template's positions.

Click on Content > Articles > Add New Article and give it a title and load the provided Rave In-Article position by putting this in the Content Editor:

{loadposition Rave In-Article}

This will output all the content set to display at this position (Rave In-Article) here. This comes handy if you want to have multiple forms on the same page.

To have different forms on different pages, you should set a custom position for each of the forms and loading the positions in their respective articles (pages).

{loadposition name_of_custom_postion}

Note: replace name_of_custom_postion with the name of the diferent positions you created.

Article page

Set Status to Published and click Save & Close. That's it, you have the form on the article page. Attach the article to a Menu so you can see it.

Transaction List

All the payments made through the forms to Rave can be accessed on Components > Rave Payments Forms > Transaction List page.

Article page


  • Form configuration to override global configuration from the component.
  • Add advanced forms to include customization where user can choose the fields to add to the form.
  • Multiple Rave Checkout integrations.
  • More (that I can't think of ATM) - Suggestions and Feature request are highly welcome

Suggestions / Contributions

For issues, suggestions and feature request, click here. To contribute, fork the repo, add your changes and modifications, then create a pull request.



Copyright (c) 2017, Olatunbosun Olanrewaju


Joomla Payment Forms extension to take payments online through Rave Checkout






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