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Rave Payment Gateway for Prestashop

With Rave, it is easy and smooth to accept card and bank account payments in your online store

  • Contributors: bosunolanrewaju
  • Tags: prestashop, rave, payment form, payment gateway, bank account, credit card, debit card, nigeria, kenya, international, mastercard, visa
  • Requires at least: 1.5
  • Tested up to: 1.6


Accept Credit card, Debit card and Bank account payment directly on your Prestashop store with the Rave payment gateway.

Signup for an account here

Rave is available in:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya


Installing the module

Safety Measure: Please make a backup of your website before installing any 3rd party module on your Prestashop site.

  • Download the payment module to your computer from here.
  • Unzip (Extract) the content of the zip and copy the ravepaymentgateway folder into your Prestashop > modules folder.
  • Login to your Back Office.
  • Go to "Modules and Services" in the menu, and search for Rave Payment Gateway module.
  • Click the ‘Install’ button on the right.

Rave Installation Screenshot 2

  • Confirm the installation by clicking on the Proceed with the installation button on the modal.

Rave Installation Screenshot 3

  • Rave Payment Gateway module is now installed.

Configuring the module

The module is installed and must be configured.

Rave Settings Screenshot

  • Press the Configure button next to the Rave Payment Gateway module to configure the module and fill the settings form appropriately.
  • Pay Button Public Key - Enter your public key which can be retrieved from "Pay Buttons" page on your Rave account dashboard.
  • Pay Button Secret Key - Enter your secret key which can be retrieved from "Pay Buttons" page on your Rave account dashboard.
  • Go live - Switch to live account (Must be set for production).
  • Modal Title - (Optional) customize the title of the Pay Modal. Default is FLW PAY.
  • Modal Description - (Optional) customize the description on the Pay Modal. Default is FLW PAY MODAL.
  • Modal Logo - (Optional) customize the logo on the Pay Modal. Enter a full url (with 'http'). Default is Rave logo.
  • Pay Button Text - (Optional) The text to display on the button. Default: "PAY NOW".
  • Click Save to save the settings.


After installation and configuration, the module should appear under the list of payment options the customer can choose to pay with.

Rave Settings Screenshot 1

Rave Settings Screenshot 2

Suggestions / Contributions

For issues, suggestions and feature request, click here. To contribute, fork the repo, add your fix and changes, then create a pull request.

Copyright (c) 2017, Olatunbosun Olanrewaju

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