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Java framework for building smart bots
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Bot Character Framework

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Bot Character Framework(BCF) is a java framework for building smart chat bots. It provides a bunch of abstractions and allows developer to concentrate on implementation of the business logic. Thus it provides:

  • Separate behavior logic into independent components (called Skills)
  • Ability to create different sets of variations for bot replies. You can randomly rotate answers for the same input, setup different reply styles to simulate different characters
  • Transport independent architecture. You can connect your bot to literally any chat platform without need to modify cot logic. Transport layer is completely pluggable.
  • Testability and Isolation. Individual classes have distinct responsibilities like: skills, transports, nlu.

When should I use Bot Character Framework?

Here are a couple of scenarios when this framework might be a good choice:

  • You need to build chat bot in Java stack.
  • You are limited in use of cloud based solutions (e.g. because of security policy). With BCF and RasaNLU you can easily create a great setup for on-premises deployment with 0 use of cloud services.
  • You are interested in brining more humanity in your bot behavior.


To get started with Bot Character Framework please BCF's Documentation page. This describes key framework concepts, from what they are for, their structure and common use cases.


In order to start using the framework add dependency on framework core library and optionally connect supplementary components like transports and NLU connectors.




compile 'org.bcf:bot-character-framework-core:1.0.4a'

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2017 Dmitry Berezovsky

This project is licensed under MIT license. Please check LICENSE for details. Please file an issue if you'd like alternative license like Apache 2.0.

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