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find top roamers in ruckus syslog info (and more!)
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zdroamers script: find top roamers in ruckus syslog info (and more!)

Install this script under the name /var/log/zdroamers on your linux syslog box. It will tell you what devices are roaming between APs the most

WARNING: This script has many features. There are probably many ways to break it. Don't expect perfection.

/var/log# ./zdroamers --help
./zdroamers [OPTIONS] [<var/log/messagefile>]

Produce a list of client MAC addresses sorted by number of "roaming event" log entries
(or use options to dump raw log information)
note: there are 2 log entries per roaming event

--help -? -h
--controller <controlleraddress> ;# filter on the IP of the specified controller
--client <mac:ad:dr:es:s>        ;# filter on client mac address
--highlight           ;# make "--client" option highlight mac addresses, not filter them
--maxoui <n>          ;# set the number of roam messages that triggers an oui lookup
--nslookup            ;# if --maxoui was specified, attempt to nslookup the clients
--ap <mac:ad:dr:es:s> ;# filter on AP mac address
--detail           ;# output raw (colorized) data instead of counting roaming lines per MAC
--last <linecount> ;# only use the last "linecount" number of lines from "messages"
--now   ;# only report on new log entries as they are received. implies "--detail" option
--debug ;# turn on debugging output
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