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Rango is ultralightweight, ultracustomizable, ultracool web framework inspired by Django.
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Installation via RubyGems

  • Daily builds: gem install rango --pre and gem install simple-templater. RubyGems don’t work with prerelease gems properly, so you can’t just run gem install simple-templater rango --pre. The trouble is when you are installing with --pre, RubyGems are looking just for prerelease gems, but Erubis, which is dependency of simple-templater, doesn’t have any prerelease gem.
  • Stable version: gem install simple-templater rango
  • JRuby: jruby --1.9 -S gem install simple-templater rango is how you should install Rango for JRuby. Unfortunately I’m getting strange errors here. Don’t forget the --1.9 argument, because Rango can be installed just on Ruby 1.9.

Rango itself doesn’t define any runtime dependencies, since you may want to use just a subset of Rango, i. e. just template layer. If you are using stack generator, you get Gemfile with usual dependencies, so gem bundle will take care about it.

Installation via Rip

  • Install edge version: rip install git://
  • Install tagged version: rip install git:// 0.2

How to Contribute To Rango

Contributions to Rango is easy, you don’t have to create a ticket or something, the only thing you really have to do is write good code. Before you send a pull request, please ensure that you:

  • Have no trailing whitespace in your code (if you run rake hooks, you get git pre-commit hook which take care about it)
  • Wrote YARD documentation
  • Wrote specs and run them under at least under Ruby 1.9.1, ideally under all the supported Ruby platforms:
# run all the specs under Ruby 1.9.1 and Ruby 1.9.2
rvm specs 1.9.1,1.9.2

# run given spec under all installed Ruby implementations
rvm ruby ./script/spec spec/rango/mixins/message_spec.rb

# run given spec under Ruby 1.9.1
rvm 1.9.1 ruby ./script/spec spec/rango/mixins/message_spec.rb



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