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# encoding: utf-8
require "rango/gv"
require "rango/mini"
require "rango/mixins/render"
module Rango
module GV
# The problem is that if you have an Application class with some shared functionality like error handling (rendering 500.html etc), then this won't work with it.
def self.static(template, scope =, context =, &hook) do |request, response|
path = template || request.env["rango.router.params"][:template]
path = unless hook.nil?
path = "#{path}.html" unless path.match(/\./)
Rango.logger.debug("Rendering '#{path}'")
# Rango::RenderMixin.scope
context = if context.respond_to?(:call) # lambda { |request| {msg: request.message} }
Rango::RenderMixin.render path, scope, context
# you would usually define module Static with instance method static for
# including into controllers, but since controllers have render, it would be useless