Comparision With Others Popular Ruby Frameworks

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is trying to solve everything. It’s a huge project and normal user doesn’t need most of the stuff included in Rails. This is the philosophical reason, but the main reason is that Rails just doesn’t work. Shitty broken bundling, a lot of troubles with magical methods …

Everyone is happy because of the upcoming Rails 3. I certainly agree that Rails 3 are much better than Rails 2, but:

- Even if the Rails team release Rails 3 soon, the API is very different, so it will take years to adopt them. Remember situation with Ruby 1.9, how is actually using it? There is plenty of plugins for Rails 2, anyone will use Rails 3 before at least the main plugins will be Rails 3 compatible.

And well, Rails is just a basic framework. You can write in it blog in 15 minutes, but it doesn’t have reasonable architecture for mountable applications (yes, I know Rails Engines), it doesn’t have template inheritance, doesn’t even reasonably support more ORMs, template engines etc.

Sinatra & Monk

Sinatra is nifty small framework, but it’s designed for small applications. Apparently the main restriction is the routing, which may work fine for a blog, but you won’t use it for anything bigger. Not mention since you can’t use Usher, it won’t play well with Pancake.


not so much rack-based
the future isn’t that sure


Ramaze is in some ways quite close to Rango