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Bots are special Telegram users controlled with an HTTP API. Botgram aims to expose the capabilities of this API with a very clear and minimal syntax, so you can create Telegram bots easily.

const botgram = require("botgram")
const bot = botgram("<auth token>")

bot.command("start", "help", (msg, reply) =>
  reply.text("To schedule an alert, do: /alert <seconds> <text>"))

bot.command("alert", (msg, reply, next) => {
  var [ seconds, text ] = msg.args(2)
  if (!seconds.match(/^\d+$/) || !text) return next()

  setTimeout(() => reply.text(text), Number(seconds) * 1000)

bot.command((msg, reply) =>
  reply.text("Invalid command."))


  • Simple, intuitive API.
  • Quick setup; just put your auth token and you're in business.
  • Exposes all functionality in the Bot API 2.3.1, including custom keyboards, inline keyboards, force reply, chat actions, deep linking, kicking users, editing messages, notifications...
  • Ability to stream downloads and uploads.
  • Powerful, connect-style message handling and filtering.

Bots API version implemented: December 4, 2016


npm install botgram

Follow the tutorial, take a look at more examples, or consult the documentation.