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Welcome to Habu.

Habu is likely the simplest static blog generator you'll encounter, no bullshit. If you're techie enough and need a simple page to publish your work and if you share my disgust and terror for blog platforms with massive codebases and my repulsion for all those byzantine Ruby static generators, you might find this little tool of some use.

Firstly, you can install all the required dependencies with:

pip install Jinja2 Markdown Pygments PyYAML

Now just download and extract Habu somewhere, you'll find the main script with the following available command line options:

usage: [-h] [-s] [-p] -d DESTINATION

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s, --static          Install static files
  -p, --pages           Generate static pages
                        Specify the destination folder where to install the

You simply need to execute python -d /path/to/dest and the script will automatically process the available blog posts and generate the resulting HTML pages in the destination folder.

By providing the options --static or --pages you instruct Habu to respectively install the static files (CSS, JavaScript and so on) and generate the static pages.

All available blog posts are stored in the posts/ directory and they consist in a set of YAML headers followed by the body, separated by an empty line:

Title: Blog Post
Slug: blog-post
Data: 1971-01-01 00:00:00

Blog post content.

The blog post content can be defined with the popular Markdown syntax, which makes the editing very easy and flexible, or with pure HTML.

Habu also integrates a Pygments based pre-processor, which will highlight code blocks according to the specified programming language.

This is pretty much it for now.


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