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Cross-platform Yara scanner written in Go


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Kraken is a simple cross-platform Yara scanner that can be built for Windows, Mac, FreeBSD and Linux. It is primarily intended for incident response, research and ad-hoc detections (not for endpoint protection). Following are the core features:

  • Scan running executables and memory of running processes with provided Yara rules (leveraging go-yara).
  • Scan executables installed for autorun (leveraging go-autoruns).
  • Scan the filesystem with the provided Yara rules.
  • Report any detection to a remote server provided with a Django-based web interface.
  • Run continuously and periodically check for new autoruns and scan any newly-executed processes. Kraken will store events in a local SQLite3 database and will keep copies of autorun and detected executables.

Some features are still under work or almost completed:

  • Installer and launcher to automatically start Kraken at startup.
  • Download updated Yara rules from the server.


How to use

Launch Kraken with any of the available options:

Usage of kraken:
      --backend string   Specify a particular hostname to the backend to connect to (overrides the default)
      --daemon           Enable daemon mode (this will also enable the report flag)
      --debug            Enable debug logs
      --folder string    Specify a particular folder to be scanned (overrides the default full filesystem)
      --no-autoruns      Disable scanning of autoruns
      --no-filesystem    Disable scanning of filesystem
      --no-process       Disable scanning of running processes
      --report           Enable reporting of events to the backend
      --rules            Specify a particular path to a file or folder containing the Yara rules to use

User Guide

For details on how to install, use and build Kraken you should refer to the User Guide. The original source files for the documentation are available here, please open any issue or pull request pertinent to documentation there.


Kraken is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 and is copyrighted to Claudio Guarnieri.