This repository contains the files for the docker image, that will replicate services inside the network.
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This repository contains the files for the docker image hanzel/replicator. This image can replicate other services in the network. It works with docker swarm and multi-host networking. The application has one route:

  • /container-id: creates and starts a new image similar to the one with the given container-id.


The port 443 is exposed. So you can access the service with the address https://replicator if the images are in the same network.

To provide the authentication for https, the following three files are needed in /ssl folder:

  • cert.pem: Client certificate file
  • key.pem: Certificate key file
  • ca.pem: Certificate authority file

Set the following environment variable:

  • DOCKER_HOST: The host url and port of the Docker Remote API. Eg: tcp://