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Welcome to the Botnik sources wiki!

The pages at the right are daily collections of generative corpora for the Botnik community.

The home page is for instructions and tutorials.

how to use the predictive text interface

current version here:


            word entry controls

TAB                        enter currently highlighted word
number keys                enter word indicated in red in top right of each key
point and click            enter word you are pointing at and clicking on
letter keys                enter any text

            other controls

arrow keys	           navigate highlighter
DELETE			   delete word
OPTION + ENTER             randomize word console

uploading custom source texts

  1. save a .txt file to your computer

  2. click the button in the top left of the tool

  3. use the selector to choose the file.

  4. after you create a source, you can copy and paste the url from the browser bar to share the trained tool with anyone

combining sources

Paste one or more ids into the writer url like this:,ID2, [etc.]


other versions of the interface


  • two separate sources

  • turbo text at top

  • switch between genres with menu at bottom right


  • loaded with a collection of romantic poetry


  • desktop GUI written with the wxpython library

  • designed for live performance

  • text-to-speech by printing to command line and using pyttsx

  • weighted combination of multiple sources

  • color-coded text entry according to which sources are active

  • not currently maintained (is a fixer upper)