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100644 17 lines (16 sloc) 123 Bytes
da2cdc5 @rlotun Added .gitignore.
rlotun authored
1 *.pyc
2 .*.swp
3 *.log
30c9ae5 @garnaat Adding boto.dynamodb to list of packages in Also telling gi…
garnaat authored
4 *~
14125be @ghostrocket ignore egg-info output
ghostrocket authored
5 boto.egg-info
a8a3020 @rgaiser .gitignore fixed to ignore build and dist
rgaiser authored
6 build/
7 dist/
acea7f5 @jtriley add MANIFEST so that tests are included in sdist
jtriley authored
632b051 @gtaylor Adding .DS_Store (Mac) and .idea (PyCharm) to git ignores.
gtaylor authored
9 .DS_Store
10 .idea
4b9ade5 @jamesls Add a tox.ini file
jamesls authored
11 .tox
12 .coverage
0fd3dbb @toastdriven Ignore the venv directory from the contributing docs.
toastdriven authored
13 *
14 venv
67ae9ff @toastdriven Another Py2.5 fix.
toastdriven authored
15 venv-2.5
16 env-2.5
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