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Merge pull request #2515 from lra/iamer_built_with_boto

Add IAMer as an application built on boto. Fixes #2515.
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danielgtaylor committed Aug 12, 2014
2 parents a2e4b48 + c5f5b26 commit 1f35224454fd6296c5f716e9a90f521ecaaef6a4
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@@ -42,3 +42,10 @@ you'd like it listed here, please submit a `pull request`_ adding it!
pre-configured webservers to a cluster (including updating the load
balancer), performing automated software deployments and creating backups -
each with just one call from the commandline.
IAMer dump and load your AWS IAM configuration into text files. Once
dumped, you can version the resulting json and ini files to keep track of
changes, and even ask your team mates to do Pull Requests when they want
access to something.

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