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Added release notes for 2.9.3.

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+boto v2.9.3
+:date: 2013/05/15
+This release adds ELB support to Opsworks, optimized EBS support in EC2
+AutoScale, Parallel Scan support to DynamoDB v2, a higher-level interface to
+DynamoDB v2 and API updates to DataPipeline.
+* ELB support in Opsworks - You can now attach & describe the Elastic Load
+ Balancers within the Opsworks client. (SHA: ecda87)
+* Optimized EBS support in EC2 AutoScale - You can now specify whether an
+ AutoScale instance should be optimized for EBS I/O. (SHA: f8acaa)
+* Parallel Scan support in DynamoDB v2 - If you have extra read capacity &
+ a large amount of data, you can scan over the records in parallel by
+ telling DynamoDB to split the table into segments, then spinning up
+ threads/processes to each run over their own segment. (SHA: db7f7b & 7ed73c)
+* Higher-level interface to DynamoDB v2 - A more convenient API for using
+ DynamoDB v2. The :ref:`DynamoDB v2 Tutorial <dynamodb2_tut>` has more
+ information on how to use the new API. (SHA: 0f7c8b)
+Backward-Incompatible Changes
+* API Update for DataPipeline - The ``error_code`` (integer) argument to
+ ``set_task_status`` changed to ``error_id`` (string). Many documentation
+ updates were also added. (SHA: a78572)
+* Bumped the AWS Support API version. (SHA: 0323f4)
+* Fixed the S3 ``ResumableDownloadHandler`` so that it no longer tries to use
+ a hashing algorithm when used outside of GCS. (SHA: 29b046)
+* Fixed a bug where Sig V4 URIs were improperly canonicalized. (SHA: 5269d8)
+* Fixed a bug where Sig V4 ports were not included. (SHA: cfaba3)
+* Fixed a bug in CloudWatch's ``build_put_params`` that would overwrite
+ existing/necessary variables. (SHA: 550e00)
+* Several documentation improvements/fixes:
+ * Added docs for RDS ``modify/modify_dbinstance``. (SHA: 777d73)
+ * Fixed a typo in the ``README.rst``. (SHA: 181e0f)
+ * Documentation fallout from the previous release. (SHA: 14a111)
+ * Fixed a typo in the EC2 ```` docs. (SHA: 5edd6a)
+ * Added/improved docs for EC2 ````. (SHA: 773ce5)
+ * Added a CONTRIBUTING doc. (SHA: cecbe8)
+ * Fixed S3 ``create_bucket`` docs to specify "European Union". (SHA: ddddfd)

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